Engelmann Spruce

The Engelmann is also known as white, European or German spruce, but they are technically different. Generally they are visually distinguished from Sitka because of its creamy texture. Engelmann tree are so small and bent these days that there is a good quantity of them that surface is not parallel and, as a result, tops are not very symmetric. Regarding the sound, Engelmann tops have a mature sound and largely richer than Stika.

That’s why they’re a good option for guitarist who need a richer and complex sound than usual, specially when the instrument it’s softly played.

BOTANICAL NAME:  Picea engelmannii

ORIGIN: Canada

DESCRIPTION: 330-390 kg/m3 density white wood. The colour of this wood goes from white to pale yellow. Sapwood is no different from heartwood, even so, the last one tend to have a more pink tone. The grain is straight and can be both thin or medium.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining is made without difficulties, so as gluing and finishing do.

DRYING: Easy drying barely without deformation or cracking risks.

USES: Tops mainly.

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