Approximate Top measures for Acoustic Guitar (550x215x4,5 mm) x2

The top is the fundamental piece of the guitar and, because of it, the essential factor that decides how the sound would be. Here, the vibration of the strings are carried through the bridge and, when vibrating, the air contained in the soundboard moves, making possible the perception of the amplified sound.

The thickness of the top changes between 2,5 mm and 4 mm and it’s formed by two halves joined in the middle of the top(in the longitudinal sense of the wood grain). That’s how you get simetry in grain distribution.

The most used woods for making tops are Spruce and Cedar. Without doubt, thickness and acoustic properties of these woods are perfect to transmit a good sound throughout the soundboard.

At Maderas Barber, we offer the best qualities in the market to make your own top.

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