European Spruce

Thanks to its amazing tonal properties, European Spruce has proved to be greater to any other wood in instrument making history.

It’s slow-growing wood, light weight and, however, it shows a high grade of rigidity. The European Spruce has everything to become the perfect musical instrument. Cushioning properties are very favorable and get a optimal rigidity, weight and inner friction relationship, those are the most desired rules for a good guitar top.


ORIGIN: Europe

DESCRIPTION: 440-470 kg/m3 density. The colour of this wood goes from yellowish white to reddish yellow, there’s no difference between the sapwood and the heartwood. The growth rings are visible and really noticeable. The grain is straight and thin.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is easy, without problems, as well as brushing. No difficulties in gluing too, but the finish is irregular. This wood is considered not resistant to fungus and sensitive to termites.

DRYING: Drying speed is fast, but with many risks of cracking and knots getting loose.

USES: Mainly for tops of stringed instruments.

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