In Maderas Barber we are aware that all instruments need more than wood. The accessories for Bandurria are available to all those who want to build their Bandurria.

In our Bandurria accessories section you will find several articles that will help you to build this beauty and traditional instrument. Choose from our machine heads, tailpieces, frets of high quality and enjoy building your Bandurria.



  • Tailpieces

    Our Bandurria tailpieces can be used also for Lute. These high quality accessories can not be missing in your workshop.

    The tailpieces anchors the string, so it must be strong enough to withstand their combine tension. We can offer you different colours. These tailpieces can be used in other 12 strings instruments or will less strings instruments like the Tres Cubano , the Mandolin, or the Cuatro Venezolano.

    Choose between our variety the one you like and enjoy of this plucked string instrument.

  • Machine Heads

    We have a big variety of Bandurria machine heads or tuners of high quality, with a Vintage style very much appreciated in countries like Spain. They are available in the most demanded colours and can be also used for Lute and other similar instruments. They resist extremely well tuning, they are very stable and precise.

  • Strings

    The bandurria is an historical instrument that we associate to the Baroque and has a very particular sound due to its characteristics and its 12 strings. The selection of the best strings for our instrument depend on the older or more modern sound that we want to give to the Bandurria, for it, we must take into account the material and the gauge of the strings, these will give us an attack, duration, color and brightness depending on our choice. Maderas Barber offer a quality option at the best price with the Royal Classic strings.

  • Frets

    In Maderas Barber we have a big variety of Bandurria Frets from the best quality: alpaca with a 12% of nickel made in Europe.

    However, Bandurria frets turns into a versatile accessory that can be also used in other smaller instruments like Timple Canario, Lute, Ukulele or Mandolin.

    Discover the quality of these small frets for Bandurria.