English Horn

The english horn is one of the musical instruments that belongs to the woodwind group, and within that group to the double reed subgroup, which is a derivate of the oboe due to the type of manufacture of which it is made and sometimes because of its timbre. The english horn is usually made of granadillo and cocobolo wood, these woods are perfect due to their acoustic and natural properties.

It was for sure, the instrument that stood out most in military, until it came to be incorporated into many of the symphony orchestras

English Horn 


  • Blackwood

    BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia melanoxylon.

    COMMERCIAL NAMES: Granadillo, African blackwood, Blackwood.

    ORIGIN: Mozambique, Tanzania.

    DESCRIPTION: It is a very dark wood with a density of 1250-1300 kg/m3. Its sapwood has a white-yellow color and its heartwood has a dark purple brown with striking traces or black grains. It has a fine grain and a straight fiber. When sawing, it requires the use of powerful machinery. Usually in wind instruments.

  • Cocobolo (CITES)

    BOTANIC NAMEDalbergia retusa

    COMMON NAMES: Exotic African Ebony, Exotic Black Ebony.

    ORIGIN:  Mexico

    DESCRIPTION: Red colour with dark grain. Density 990 – 1250 K/m3

    RECOMMENDATIONS: Considered as one of the substitutes to Brazilian Rosewood The oil it contains can cause problems when gluing