Mexican Granadillo

The Mexican Granadillo is one of the best alternatives that luthiers have to replace the Rosewood. In addition, the Mexican Granadillo has the ideal properties to make acoustic guitar fingerboards: density and resistance to withstand the tension produced by the strings.

Acoustically, the Mexican Granadillo presents a great tonal quality and reflects a neat sound. All these properties are what are increasing its demand in the musical instruments industry and they make it a wood full of possibilities for the acoustic guitar. Try it on your guitar fingerboard with the options we give you in Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia granadillo

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Mexican Granadillo

ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION: Its density is 800-1000 kg/m3.

SUGGESTIONS: It is recommended to store in places without sudden temperature changes, it is recommended to work the wood with very sharp blades.

DRYING: The drying speed is very slow

USES: In addition to fingerboards, it is also used to make soundboards, castanets, and marimba keys.

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