Sycamore wood has a brilliant acoustic sound and a density / stiffness ratio enviable. Its performance is only overtaken by the Fir but this one is not so rigid, so, the Sycamore is a recommended wood to make acoustic guitar fingerboards. In addition, it is a sustainable wood, abundant and easily accessible, except for the pieces that have a special figurative.

Get the Sycomoro fingerboards for acoustic guitar from Maderas Barber and discover this great definition and beautiful wood with its particular timbre.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

COMMERCIAL NAMES:Sycamore Maple and European Sycamore

ORIGIN: Central Europe and Western Asia.

DESCRIPTION: Its density is 640 Kg/m3. The wood color is white or light yellow. The sapwood does not differ from the heartwood. The fiber can be straight or uneven. The grain is fine.

SUGGESTIONS: The machining can present some problems due to the interlaced fiber, and it is advisable to reduce the blades angle to 15º. It is recommended to dry it in a low temperature chambers.

DRYING: It air dries well, but it can produce color alterations and stains. It is important to dry it quickly to let the wood keeps its white hue.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards, soundboards and guitar profiles.

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