Exotic Ebony

Exotic Ebony is really appreciated for making musical instruments, both for the beautiful figures that it has as for the unbeatable acoustic properties.

This wood shares qualities with African Ebony, but with a black and white contrast that make amazing patterns. Regarding the sound, it has bright and dynamical tones. It’s also a good ally against scratches and stains.

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros crassiflora Hiern.

ORIGIN: West and Central Africa

DESCRIPTION: Black color wood with a 1030-1050 kg/m3 density. Colors are light in the whiteness and black in the heartwood. This kind presents more variety colors and it creates pieces of a great beauty. The ebony grain is straight, but it can be intertwined at some point. Grain is thin.

SUGGESTIONS: It easily cracks to environmental changes or relative humidity. It’s resistant to insects and fungus action. Easy to saw, but tools will probably need to be constantly sharp, while machining and gluing get complicated because of its density and hardness conditions. Finishing has no problems. It might produce eczemas or skin irritation.

DRYING: Drying time changes from ordinary to slow, it presents good drying in small sizes and it has some tendency to crack or deform.

USES: it can be used in different instruments fingerboards as well as in wind instruments.

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