Madagascar Rosewood (CITES)

The Madagascar Rosewood looks very much like the acclaimed Brazilian Rosewood, so it is one of the great luthiers bets to make fingerboards, especially because of its sound and its particular beauty.

It is a demanded acoustic wood to make fingerboards because of its hardness and its touch. On top of that, it is beautiful because of its drawing which is even more appreciated than the Brazilian Rosewood.

At Maderas Barber we offer fingerboards made out of Madagascar Rosewood for Acoustic Guitar, a quality wood with impressive sound qualities.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia baronii

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Madagascar Rosewood, Palisander

ORIGIN: Madagascar

DESCRIPTION: Brown wood with dark grains with a density of 920 kg/m3. Its sapwood color is light yellow and the color of its heartwood varies from yellowish brown to dark orange or reddish brown. Dark grains are common and they form a spider-webbing. The grain normally is straight, with a fine-medium texture.

SUGGESTIONS: Working with this wood is usually easy, although gluing and finishing should be done carefully due to its oily nature.

DRYING: It dries slowly and because of the quantity of oil contained in this wood, this process can be interrupted.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards and soundboards.

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