American Walnut

American Walnut is a sustainable and abundant wood that has gained popularity among the guitar makers. It is considered as a tonal wood and its sound response is good.

Physically, it is a very stable wood and once dry, it is able to withstand the fingerboard tension almost like any other wood of greater density. If we take into account that its price is notably lower than other woods, the American Walnut is a great option to make acoustic guitar fingerboards.

Discover at Maderas Barber the beauty and stability of this wood: a sustainable, abundant species, easy to work and it has a great tonal response.

BOTANICAL NAME: Juglans nigra

COMMERCIAL NAMES: American Black Walnut, American Walnut.

ORIGIN: United States and Canada.

DESCRIPTION: It has a density of 550-660 kg/m3. The sapwood color varies from white to yellowish brown and the heartwood color is reddish brown or chocolate-colored. Sometimes they may present violet tonalities.

SUGGESTIONS: It is recommended to wear a mask when you are working with it because the dust it produces, is very irritating and it causes sneezing and nosebleeds.

DRYING: It must dry slowly to avoid defects.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards and soundboads.

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