Approximate Sides measures for Acoustic Guitar: (825x125x4 mm) x2

When making a guitar everything has an influence. The idea that the top is the only element of the acoustic guitar that influences the sound is wrong. Each wood has its properties and the result can be very different according to the wood that we choose for each part of the instrument. The choice of the sides is decisive in the final result too.

Sides made with a high density wood will get to reflect the best sound of the instrument. Apart from density, thickness and height of the sides do also have an influence. Each luthier or maker uses different measures. The ticker the rings is the rigid it gets, and the less energy will be lost from the acoustic top. On the other hand, if this element of the acoustic guitar gets thinner, the resonance increases and the sound gets faster. Minor thickness sides vibrate more so the sound will become closer to flamenco and with a bigger attack.

At Maderas Barber we want to offer exactly what you are looking for. That’s why we have a large gamut of woods for acoustic guitar sides.

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