Bloodwood has the deepest red colour, which makes it in a very special wood, very requested by those who search a unique and attractive instrument.

Its grain is very narrow, almost like Ebony grain. Acoustically, it has all the necessary requirements to be considered as a high quality acoustic wood.

The availability of this wood can change: There are not many Bloodwood plantations and they are all under strict forest regulations.

Discover the elegant red passion touch this wood brings to your acoustic guitar with these high quality sides we offer at Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Brosimum rubescens.

ORIGIN: Tropical South America

DESCRIPTION: Red colour wood, 1050 kg/m3 density. The heartwood has a vivid red colour that can change to brown red if it’s exposed to the sun. The sapwood has a pale yellow colour. The grain is usually straight or slightly intertwined. It has fine texture with a good natural bright.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s extremely thick and tends to block some tools. The Bloodwood tends to be fragile and can be easily splinted. It can produce thirst, salivation, nausea or skin irritation effects.

DRYING: Drying speed is very slow, that’s why it has to be carefully treated.

USES: Mainly for sounding boards.

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