Red Gum

Acoustic Guitar Red Gum Sides estimated dimension (800/825x125/140x3,5mm)x2

BOTANIC NAME: Liquidambar styraciflua


DENSITY: 560 kg/m3

DESCRIPTION: The Red Gum sides for classic guitar are a very interesting option for the construction of the instrument soundboard. This wood has similar sonorities to Mahogany or Cypress, and produces a clean sound. Currently, Red Gum is an unknown wood for many manufacturers but it is increasing its presence in the guitar manufacture in a very important way due to its spectacular drawings and figures which make it a very remarkable wood.

We must take into account that Red Gum is one of those called as "soft wood", so the work of make the sides curved is much less complex than in others. In addition, the glugging is also quick and simple. This type of wood reflects the high sounds very well and achieves brilliant tones.

In Maderas Barber we have a wide variety of Red Gum sides for acoustic guitar: don’t miss this spectacular wood.

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