European Walnut

European Walnut has been traditionally used for classic guitars, but now it has also extended to acoustic guitars.

This wood has a great beauty in every sense and it is considered as a light-heavyweight wood,but not so tough as Maple. It’s an ideal wood for making acoustic guitar rings because is easy to mold and has a beautiful natural finish in a very attractive brown colour gamut.

Its sound, between Mahogany and Maple, offers magnificent high notes, clear mids and lows and a substance sound. Give that elegant and restrained touch to your acoustic guitar thanks to these European Walnut sides that you can find at Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Junglans regia


ORIGIN: South East Europe

DESCRIPTION: The wood colour goes from grey to light brown in the sapwood and from greyish brown to grey in the heartwood. It frequently has very dark colored grains, usually almost black. The grain is usually straight, but it can be uneven too.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is hard because of its hardness and the presence of knots and other imperfections complicates the cut. It’s recommended to have precaution in order to not cause abrupt temperature changes for the wood.

DRYING: We might cause deformations if we try to speed up the process, so it needs to be slow.

USES: European Walnut can’t be used outdoors because of its durability, that’s why it’s mainly used for musical instruments, indoor carpentry and furniture.

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