Curly Eucalyptus

This isn’t one of the most used wood for musical instruments, but it’s wining supporters as time goes by.

The Curly Eucaliptus has a high mechanic resistance, elasticity and hardness, not forgetting its magnificent grain. However, it has to be carefully treated, so it’s hard to dry and tends to deformation.

The result, if carefully treated, is high quality due to its acoustic attributes are perfect for acoustic guitar sides.

BOTANICAL NAME: Eucalyptus globulus

COMMERCIAL NAMES: White Eucalyptus

ORIGIN: Tasmania

DESCRIPTION:740-830 kg/m3 density. The colour of the sapwood is greyish white or pale cream and the heartwood goes from cinnamon-colour to reddish brown or light yellow. The wood grain is medium and twisty.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s important to keep the wood in a place without abrupt temperature or humidity changes, a great powerful equipment is necessary to saw because of the deformations that growth tautness can cause.

DRYING: Drying is complicated. There’re risks of deformations, crack formation and

USES: In the musical field, is exclusively used for the sounding box, back and sides. It’s also used for railroads and wooden flooring

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