Macassar Ebony

The Macassar Ebony is a very used wood in woodworking and marquetry for high-end series due to its amazing beauty. As time passes, luthiers have known that it also has great acoustic properties which make it a good option for instruments making.

Its beautiful grains mix brown and black and give an exotic touch, even oriental, to acoustic guitars. It has some hardness, perfect for guitar sides making.

Discover the elegant and validity of these Macassar Ebony sides at Maderas Barber. 

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros Celebica


DESCRIPTION:1000-1300kg/m3 density. The grain is thin and it also can be straight or intertwined. The sapwood colour changes from white to pale grey, the heartwood colour is black and depending on the specimen it can have light grains or a contrast between almost white areas and the black wood, or a uniform black colour.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s very important to watch the place humidity where it’s stored to not cause wood imperfections. It is also recommended to work the wood with very sharp tools.

DRYING: Drying speed is slow, there’re high risks of deformations or cracking during and after the drying process.

USES: Similar to the Amara Ebony, it’s usually used for the sounding board, but it can also be used for fingerboards.

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