Zebrano owns its name to the similarity to zebra skin. It’s a very exotic wood, very claimed by luthiers to make unique and different guitars.

Its acoustic properties are excellent too, it has a similar tone to Hard Maple with a slightly restriction in the maximums, a brilliant sound on light middles and dynamic highs.

It’s a physically very rigid wood, although it presents some difficulty to work with, results make worth the try. A great option to your acoustic guitar rings if you search for a balanced tone and some distinction.

BOTANICAL NAME: Microberlinia brazzavilensis


ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION: 790 kg/m3 density. The whiteness wood colour is cloudy and the heartwood colour is light brownish yellow. The grain is a bit intertwined, but occasionally very pronounced. The grain goes from medium to thick to rough.

SUGGESTIONS: Before finish product application, it’s necessary to apply some kind of coat. Saw is considered easy.

DRYING: It’s ahard to dry wood, drying time is slow. It does presents important risks to deformations and little breaks.

USES: Musical instruments, furniture, woodworking and tool handles.

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