American Walnut

This Wood is getting popular among luthiers and important guitar makers for its beauty and tonal response, it’s also easy to work with.

It’s also an abundant and sustainable wood, so it’s a good quality-to-price option.

Talking about its physical properties, American Walnut offers a good combination between stability, resistance and hardness: great qualities for acoustic guitar sides making.

BOTANICAL NAME: Juglans nigra


ORIGIN: United States and Canada

DESCRIPTION:550-660 kg/m3 density. The sapwood colour goes from white to yellowish brown and the heartwood can be reddish brown or chocolate colored. Sometimes it has violet tones.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s recommended to use a face mask when working with it because its dust is really irritating and can cause sneezes and nosebleed.

DRYING: Drying has to be done slowly to avoid any imperfection.

USES: It’s also used for fine furniture and floors, apart from musical instruments.

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