Amara Ebony

Amara Ebony wood has a high density, so it’s very used for acoustic guitar backs and sides. This property gives a deeper sound and a higher volume.

This is one of the African Ebony Asian type, they share lots of acoustic attributes. So esthetics are the main difference since its growth rings are less uniform than the African variety.

Maderas Barber has high quality Amara Ebony sides for acoustic guitar: discover this exotic wood and it precious tones.

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros Malabarica


DESCRIPTION: 1100-1300 kg/m3 density. The sapwood hastones that go from white to reddish brown. Heartwood is dark, with different shades of black and some bright lines and green tones.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s slightly easier to work with than Makassar Ebony; still its durability requires very powerful equipment and a perfect sharpening.

DRYING: Drying has to be slow to avoid cracking and deformations.

USES: It’s mainly used for sounding boards, backs and sides due to its acoustic properties.

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