Mexican Granadillo

Mexican Granadillo stands out for two reasons: on one side, it reflects a very fresh and special sound, on the other side, it has a really good tolerance to fungus attacks that harm the wood due to it has a high natural durability.

Besides, it’s very valued for its brown tones.

Its stability and acoustic properties makes Mexican Granadillo a great option for acoustic guitar sides: discover the quality of this wood at Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia granadillo

ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION:800-1000kg/m3 density

SUGGESTIONS: It’s recommended to keep it in places with no abrupt temperature changes and also to be used with very sharpen blades.

DRYING: Drying speed is slow.

USES: Mexican Granadillo is very valued by luthiers due to its acoustic properties. Crafts, knife handles, castanets and marimba keys.

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