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santos rosewood

A Santos Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Sides

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If you add to your order the same wood backs/sides, our team of professionals will take care of the matching of the set. If you do not want them to be matched, you can leave your request in the "Comments" section.

Overview A Santos Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Sides:

Santos Rosewood -also known as Pau Ferro- has been used for some time as a sustainable alternative to rosewood, although it is not related to the Dalbergia genus. This wood has exceptional acoustic and mechanical qualities.

It is hard, lustrous, and finishes well, although there may be some areas that may be hard to sand due to some interlocked grain and, because of the natural oils, care must be taken when gluing. It has been used for years by some electric guitar manufacturers -Fender for example- and many luthiers consider it one of the best woods for guitars. Its appearance, although it can initially be confused with other woods, is unique to the keen eye of a guitar aficionado.

As mentioned above, Santos Rosewood is a sustainable timber. It is widely available, is not listed in the CITES convention and is not considered endangered by any organization. This along with its properties make it a truly perfect wood for instrument making and you can have the guarantee that you are using a wood that is not threatened.

How are Santos Rosewood's sides classified?

In santos rosewood sides you will find some of the pieces with the widest range of colors in our catalog. The colors oscillate from brown to vanilla yellow, including violet or orange hues. Sometimes even all in the same piece.

In the A grade we will find interesting pieces regardless of having some defect or being very uniform in color. These can be decolorations, some knots, small mineral deposits, etc. In many cases the pieces are so attractive that even the occasional flaws do not detract from them.


  • Dimensions: (825/860x125/140x3,5mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Machaerium scleroxylon
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Density: 940 Kg/m3

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Santos Rosewood
74 Items


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A Santos Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Sides

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