The body of the guitar and electric bass is one of the essential parts in the manufacture of the instrument, not only for the design and beauty of the wood, but for its sound. The body of the wood is the means by which the sound transmits its vibrations to the pickups and is essential in the sound of the guitar, the proper choice of wood allows each instrument to have special nuances.

Electric guitar was invented in the United States in the mid-twentieth century, by jazz composer les paul, later the electric bass guitar would appear to produce rhythmic sounds more low-pitched.
In Maderas Barber we have 3 types of bodies for guitar and electric bass, the classic 2-piece symmetrical, 1-piece bodies that many manufacturers use, and asymmetric bodies. In addition, we have different types of wood to build the bodies: Alder, Mahogany, Ash, and we have introduced other exotic and beautiful woods such as WengeZebranoPadauk, Black Limba or Bubinga.

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