• Electric Guitar / Bass Bodies

    The symmetrical 2-pieces electric guitar body, is one of the most used options to make this instrument due to the stability it provides it. It is also used to make guitars with the “neck trough”. In the bodies of guitar and electric bass we can find 2 possibilities of symmetry: (1) vertical symmetry: a piece cut in half with 2 symmetrical pieces or (2) linear: 2 pieces that match in its grain vertically. These pieces aren’t broken nor have defects and the quarter cut design is the one that each species has.


    Guitar bodies were usually made of wood such as Alder, Fresno or Mahogany, but in recent times different species of exotic wood with more density have been introduced that provide greater sustain and a more attractive aesthetic.

  • Electric Guitar / Bass 1 Piece Bodies

    The bodies made out 1-piece, the neck union with the body, can be done in 2 ways: (1) screwed which is called "Bolt-on Neck" or (2) glued that gives more sustain to the instrument, which is called "Set-in neck".


    The bodies made out 1-piece are instruments more rigid than the ones made out 2 or 3 pieces, because the sound and resonance is more compact and brighter. The more pieces that make up the instrument, it will have a greater stability, but the sound of the guitar will always be better the fewer pieces we use, since the vibrations transfer is better in one body.


    There are many factors that influence the final sound of the guitar, but a good wood choice for the instrument, will contribute positively to achieving the desired sound.

  • Bass / Electric Guitar Asymetric Bodies

    We offer at Maderas Barber asymmetric bodies composed by 2 or 3 pieces (depending on the wood). The impact of sound and sustain depends on the pieces that form the instrument and this is something complex that has been discussed among guitarists. Instruments with asymmetric bodies are very stable and are visually different from those made out 1 piece having also the peculiarity of being really striking designs.


    Asymmetric bodies are one of the best options in terms of quality-price; that’s why many manufacturers choose them to make their electric guitars.