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AA Curly Maple Bass / Electric Guitar Body

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Overview AA Curly Maple Bass / Electric Guitar Body:

Although more common in top format, curly or flamed maple bodies also have an undeniable appeal. Furthermore, despite what it might seem, the weight is similar to other woods usually considered lighter.

Hardness, machinability and lustrous appearance with almost no need to be lacquered. These are some of the many virtues of maple. That is why it has been used for centuries in many parts of musical instruments. That tradition is what led to bring its use for guitar tops. Attempting to emulate the wonderful look of the backs of classical instruments such as violins and cellos.

Curly maple is a wood that receives finishes extremely well, be they polyurethanes, nitrocellulose, gomalac, stains, etc. It is the stains in particular that can spectacularly enhance the flamed lines. In the category Dyes you can find a wide selection. It may be the best choice for a wood with these qualities.

In AA grade you will find some of our best maple bodies. Good amount of flaming, not too much separation between the flame lines. Uniform color for the most part, with no major blemishes or knots on the part to be used. Perfect for those projects where there is a lot of recesses. It is in pieces with more curved shapes where maple gets its best results.


  • Dimensions: (550x200x22/24 mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Origin: Europe
  • Density: 630-700 kg/m3

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Curly Maple
9 Items


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AA Curly Maple Bass / Electric Guitar Body

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