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The symmetrical 2-pieces electric guitar body, is one of the most used options to make this instrument due to the stability it provides it. It is also used to make guitars with the “neck trough”. In the bodies of guitar and electric bass we can find 2 possibilities of symmetry: (1) vertical symmetry: a piece cut in half with 2 symmetrical pieces or (2) linear: 2 pieces that match in its grain vertically. These pieces aren’t broken nor have defects and the quarter cut design is the one that each species has.


Guitar bodies were usually made of wood such as Alder, Fresno or Mahogany, but in recent times different species of exotic wood with more density have been introduced that provide greater sustain and a more attractive aesthetic.

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  • Curly Maple

    As for the Curly Maple, it is a light yellow-white wood with a density of 610-680 kg/m3. The sapwood is not unlike the heartwood, it is recommended to dry at low temperature chamber, if the drying is done very quickly the wood retains its white tonality, however if done slowly takes on a slightly brown tonality. It has a smooth and uniform texture. It is a wood very easy to work with.

    BOTANIC NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

    COMMON NAMES: Curly maple, Flamed maple.

    ORIGIN: Center and East Europe

    DESCRIPTION:   Density 610-680 kg/m3.  White or light yellow wood colour. There is no distinction between the sapwood and the heartwood. The growth of the wood fibres is distorted in an undulating pattern producing wavy lines know as flames. Beautiful appearance.

    RECOMMENDATIONS: Machinery can be difficult.  Suitable for steam bending.  Easy gluing and finishing.  Resistant to fungi but susceptible to termites. Stains easily. It is recommended not to store it in humid places.

    DRYING: We recommend drying it at low temperatures to avoid spots and colour alterations. If drying process is fast wood will keep white colour.

    USES:  Electric Bass and  Electric Guitar. Classic and Acoustic Guitar. Violin , Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

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