Body Brazilian Lacewood (550x200x50 mm)x2

Brazilian Lacewood Body Electric / Bass Guitar

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  • Dimensions:  (550x200x50 mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Nectandra rubra
  • Origin: South America Tropical.
  • Density: 885 kg/m3.
  • Description: The color of the Brazilian Lacewood varies from dark pink to reddish brown and present a pattern of small circular or oval marks. Its exotic appearance is usually related to the reptile skin. The grain is usually straight. The drying speed is slow and the process has to be done taking all precautions.

    In the electric guitars and electric basses there is a wrong idea that the wood doesn’t affect the sound at all, but most experienced guitarists have concluded that all the instruments parts influence someway. At the beginning the Lacewood was used as an attractive wood due to the special grain similar to a reptile skin, then with the use they realized that this wood has optimal acoustic properties to achieve that sustain so appreciated by the guitarists. 

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Brazilian Lacewood
2 Items


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Brazilian Lacewood Body Electric / Bass Guitar

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