Aliso Body (550x200x50mm)x2

Alder Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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  • Dimensions: (550x200x50 mm) x2
  • Origen: Europe
  • Density: 500-550 Kg/m3
  • Botanic Name: Alnus Glutinosa
  • Description: Alder, as the Lime, is a light wood with soft and compact porosity. Furthermore, the Alder is characterized by a spiral-shaped grainy pattern with stronger rings and sections: a texture like that of the lime but with all its surface decorate with rings of superior hardness.

    This texture increases the stiffness of the wood and enriches the complexity of the tones, so that it retains most of the high-pitched that the lime cushions, offering a greater margin of bass. In addition, the spectrum of tones is wider than that of the lime, so the media are not so loud.

    The density of the Alder is 500-550 kg / m3. The color of this wood is light reddish brown and become darker and redder with age. There isn’t visible distinction between heartwood and sapwood. Grain is generally straight, moderately fine and has a uniform texture.

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Alder Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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