Torrify Ash Body Electric / Bass Guitar
Torrify Ash Body Electric / Bass Guitar
Torrify Ash Body Electric / Bass Guitar
Torrify Ash Body Electric / Bass Guitar

Torrefied Ash Asymetric Body Electric / Bass Guitar 3 Pcs

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Drying process

Calibration process

  • Dimensions(550x130x50)x3
  • Botanical Name: Fraxinus excelsior
  • Origin: America
  • Density: 480-500 kg/m3
  • Description: The heartwood of the Ash is light to medium brown. Sapwood can be very wide and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly demarcated from heartwood. The fiber is straight and the grain is coarse; cause to the porosity of the grain is necessary to use abundant Tapaporos. The density of the Ash is 500 kg/m3, the gluing and finishing do not present problems, but it is usual to sharpening the tools during machining. It is a hard wood to brush, cut and turn.

    Stratocaster body normally weigh 2.2 kg. Its density contributes to a bright tone and a long sustain, which makes this wood a very popular choice among guitarists.


What is torrefied?

Quality grading of our woods

Torrified Ash Wood has undergone a thermal process, this process modifies the intern structure of the wood by applying heat in an oxygen-free environment. The aging of the wood achieved by torrefaction process is similar to that achieved naturally oven the years. This process improves a better stability, decreases the capacity to absorb moisture, increases the speed of sound, decreases the weight of the wood, and it gives the wood a deep colour and enhances the wood grain. This heating process does not affect acoustic properties and is much appreciated by most luthiers.


Qualities resulting from torrefaction process application:

- Improves stability.

- Decreases the capacity to absorb moisture.

- Harden cell walls.

- The resins crystallize and partially evaporate.

- Increases stiffness (flexural strength).

- Cleans pore wood.

- Increases the speed of sound.

- Richer deep colour.

- Makes the weight lighter



Torrefaction process does not transform worse quality wood into a better one, but it turns significantly good properties even better.

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