Material, Tension and Gauge are the main characteristics of the Acoustic Guitar strings that we should take into account when choosing the best option for our instrument.

The gauge of the strings has a great influence on the sound and on the way of playing. The greater the diameter, the greater will be the sound obtained from the guitar and the vibration of the wood. Usually the range of diameters in the acoustic guitar is between .010 and .059. thousandths of an inch.

As in the Classic Guitars, the tension of the strings in the Acoustic Guitars is classified in low, medium and hard; these differences will provide the instrument with different characteristics such as volume, fret and more or less sustain depending on which we select.

The materials most used in the manufacture of strings for acoustic guitar are bronze or phosphorous bronze. Bronze strings produce a brighter and more classic sound than “Phosphor” strings which produce a warmer sound. In Maderas Barber we offer a great variety of high quality strings for Acoustic Guitar to make your choice easier.

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