The acoustic guitar accessories that we offer at Maderas Barber are irreplaceable to the functionality and good finish of your instrument. From machine heads, strings, nuts & saddles or frets to all kind of decorations such as purflings, rosettes, pickguards and reinforcements for the soundboard inside.

All of our accessories have an excellent quality, chosen from the best suppliers in the industry to offer you the best option at the best price, always.



  • Rosettes

    Among the decorative elements that are available for Acoustic Guitar, Rosettes draw all the attention. In Maderas Barber we have  Acoustic Guitar Rosettes manufactured with the highest quality and beautiful inlays to build an Acoustic Guitar with an essential accessory for the sound hole.

  • Color Veneer

    In Maderas Barber we offer lovers of different and colorful things a range of Color Veneers to bring out your wildest ideas. Discover all you can do with them: decorating your Guitar making brightly colored Purflings or giving a touch of color to your instrument with 0,5 mm thin veneers of Sycamore dyed in green, red, black, yellow or blue. Do something unique to build your wooden musical instrument.

  • Natural Veneer

    Our Sycamore Natural Veneer is the ideal accessory to decorate your musical instrument, giving it that natural and delicate touch for a very economic price. We have various thicknesses from 0,4 mm to 1 mm. Besides, enjoy the lightness and ease of use that has the veneer, a material that uses the beauty of wood and complements your work.

  • Machine Heads

    The importance of the acoustic guitar tunner or machine head is not much different from other types of guitar since machine heads have much more to tell from sound. Getting to know all different models available help us to really know which machine head is the one for our instrument. In Maderas Barber we have several models in different qualities and dimensions for our customers.

  • Strings

    Material, Tension and Gauge are the main characteristics of the Acoustic Guitar strings that we should take into account when choosing the best option for our instrument.

    The gauge of the strings has a great influence on the sound and on the way of playing. The greater the diameter, the greater will be the sound obtained from the guitar and the vibration of the wood. Usually the range of diameters in the acoustic guitar is between .010 and .059. thousandths of an inch.

    As in the Classic Guitars, the tension of the strings in the Acoustic Guitars is classified in low, medium and hard; these differences will provide the instrument with different characteristics such as volume, fret and more or less sustain depending on which we select.

    The materials most used in the manufacture of strings for acoustic guitar are bronze or phosphorous bronze. Bronze strings produce a brighter and more classic sound than “Phosphor” strings which produce a warmer sound. In Maderas Barber we offer a great variety of high quality strings for Acoustic Guitar to make your choice easier.

  • Other Decorations

    In Maderas Barber we like uniqueness. We offer you different guitar decorations for a perfect touch. We have all types of decorations, from abalone for rosettes to mother pearl position marker for fingerboards, ebony stripes to reinforce the neck, decorations in different woods for bridges and many more options that you will find in our wide range.

  • Electronics

    It is the electronics in the guitar that allows the sound to be amplified because electric guitars are made with a solid body and don’t have a hole to hold air that when stimulated creates an audible sound. There are several components that allow us to achieve sound in electric guitars and basses. Maderas Barber offers you everything you may need in electronic accessories to build your electric guitar or bass.

  • Pickguards

    Most of the Guitars tops can be damaged over time with the contact of our hands or guitar picks. In Maderas Barber we offer you different models for all guitar types. They not only protect your guitar they are also  a decorative element that give your guitar a personal and special touch.

  • Nuts & Saddles

    Guitar bones are related to the bridges and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we have several models not only for acoustic guitar but also for classic guitar. Additionally, we have introduced our finished bones for nut and saddle to speed up the guitar building. All our models are made of bovine bone of different origins: Japan, France and Spain. All of them are high quality and easy to handle because of its creaminess and natural density. Without a doubt the sound of our bones is very good and its price makes our bones one of  our leading products.

  • Inside the Box

    For an acoustic guitar, braces and soundboard braces are as important as the top or back they’re integrated in. The importance of an instrument bracing remains in the basic function that they provide for the entire instrument structure and sound.

    Braces have a fundamentally structural function, while soundboard braces organize the mode of vibration of the top. Depending on the top properties, braces will be designed with a different height, width or thickness. And according to its number and position, the final bracing can have a fan pattern, a parallel or radial pattern or other kind.

  • Purflings

    In the old times bindings were use when the finish of the guitar was defective or the cut was not much precise.  With the time luthiers start to use them to customize the guitar design. Nowadays bindings are used in Classic and Acoustic guitars and models and their designs have been developed. We have plenty of models to decorate your instrument to make it unique.

  • Reinforcements (Top/Back/Side/Neck)

    Guitar inside reinforcements are essential to give the instrument stiffness and stability. They are also essential for the guitar sound. In Maderas Barber we have different models to reinforce all guitar parts in different woods and materials to fit our customers demand.

  • Frets

    In most of the modern instruments frets are thin metal strips (nickel, Steel or alpaca) encrusted on the fingerboard. Frets are placed on the fingerboard and separate from one another. This distance is one of the variable that determine the tonality of the musical note produced.

    When touching a string in a fret a musical note comes out. Frets are spaced according a maths rule. Each fret produce a note in a  half tone higher than the previous fret. Frets divide the fingerboard in half tones. On the guitar, a fret corresponds to half tone. In Maderas Barber we offer you different fret models, with stripes or flat, with different crown dimensions for the stringed instruments.