African Ebony Fingerboards

Cello dimension fingerboards (620x75x25mm)

The cello fingerboards are mostly made of Ebony, a very hard wood. Sound properties of the Ebony are excellent. The fingerboard provides a hard surface for the string to be pressed down onto so notes can be played. It must be planed professionally with the proper curve and "scoop" in order for the strings to vibrate freely without buzzing against the surface.

The cello fingerboard does not have frets like a guitar to delineate one pitch from another, so the player must have a strong ear and sense of pitch to play confidently in tune. The cello fingerboards are big pieces. Due to its big size, it is difficult to get homogeneous and good quality pieces. Cello ebony fingerboards are produced in our Cameroun sawmill where we strive to provide our customers the best quality in this high demanded and valuable wood.

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