Padouk is a very suitable wood for making necks and heels due to its good stability, timber and appearance.

Heels have to support a great tension because the guitar body weight, so Padouk is a great option to make heels for its rigidity-stability relationship. This wood has a clean and clear sound and it’s easy to work with, so it’s a good option to be used in acoustic guitar heels.

BOTANICAL NAME: Pterocarpues Tinctorius



DESCRIPTION: 825 Kg/m3 density Reddish Wood. The sapwood is whitish and the hartwood is red. The grain can be both straight or a bit intertwined, it’s also thick and rough.

SUGGESTIONS: Padouk is easy to work with and presents no difficulties for hand work. It’s important to apply grain fillers before using finishing products.

DRYING: Drying speed goes from regular to fast,it barely has deformation risks during the process.

USES: Usually for xylophones and Guitar sounding boards.

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