Dimension of the Bandurria Sides: (500x100x3,5 mm)x2


Bandurria sides are two wooden pieces that surround the instrument contour and which main function is to join the Top to the Back. They are more transmitter of the frequency of the waves than vibrating element.

Bandurria sides and backs are made with the same wood, they are book-matched to look same and they close the body. Both have an important role diffusing the sound. There can not be doubt that sides and backs affect the sound, so the difference between one Bandurria and another is quite remarkable for expert ears. However it is also important the esthetical characteristics of backs and sides, figured ones are coveted by luthiers. Commonly the most appreciated woods for backs and sides are Maple, Indian Rosewood, Sycamore, Sapelly and Ebony. Although new species are being used, like Cocobolo.

Choose your Bandurria sides from our big range and discover the beauty of our traditional and innovative woods.

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