Dimension of the Bandurria fingerboards. (420x66x9 mm)


Bandurria fingerboard is a main part for the good performance of the instrument. It is a wooden narrow and long piece that covers the neck. Fingerboard is divided by the frets where we press the strings. Each time we press a fret producing different musical notes

On the top part is join with the headplate and on the lower part to the body.

Regarding quality and resistance, the fingerboard wood has a key role. We recommend that fingerboard wood should be quite strong as the musician taps continuously with his fingers on it. It is also important that the wood is straight grain. The fingerboard helps the neck to support the strings tension.

The woods which best fits are the Ebony and the Indian Rosewood for its beauty and sound.

In conclusion, the fingerboard is one of the most important part of the Bandurria.

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