Dimension of the Bandurria Backs : (400x160x4 mm)x2


Backs are on the back side of the instrument, they are two symmetrical pieces. Regarding its acoustic function backs reinforce the grave sounds of the Bandurria. Sound waves bounce on the back making it vibrate. Several are the woods used for the backs, the most known are Indian Rosewood and Maple, specially the flamed one. The Indian Rosewood ones bring out the deep frequencies and the Maple the medium frequencies.

Backs are selected with the same criteria as the sides because backs and sides are made with the same woods. They are book-matched to get the greatest similarity. Both have an important role diffusing the sound

There can not be doubt that sides and backs affect the sound, so the difference between one Bandurria and another is quite remarkable for expert ears. However it is also important the esthetical characteristics very much appreciated by the luthiers.

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