Archtop guitar fingerboards estimated dimensions (500x75x9 mm)

 Although it does not have the decisive influence on the sound that the top can have, the fingerboard should ideally also have a number of qualities. Hardness is, aesthetic considerations aside, the decisive criterion. This piece must withstand the frequent contact of the metal strings and the fingers and fingernails of the player along its entire surface. Even the plectrum in its closest part to the body, if they are used. This is why Ebony is still the king when it comes to choosing wood for the fingerboard, followed by Indian Rosewood. These two woods combine hardness, closed pore (a little more open in the case of rosewood) and unquestionable visual beauty to be considered the first choice when making our fingerboard. 

Fortunately, at Maderas Barber we have a wide variety of other woods for our customers, which is gradually increasing. All of them combine the qualities that we believe are essential in a piece like the fingerboard: hardness and resistance to abrasion combined with an undeniable visual appeal. 

Browse through our ebony and rosewood grades or, if you want to make your guitar truly unique, be amazed with woods such as Ziricote, Granadillo de Mexico, Indian Laurel, Katalox... more than twenty different varieties of wood to choose from.

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