Santos Rosewood

The Santos Rosewood is a very demanded wood in the recent years from guitar manufacturers. It is a wood that can be used in many parts of the guitar due to its multiple qualities. The Santos rosewood is an excellent option to make headplates due to its good resistance to wear and because it reflects perfectly the sound.

In addition, it is a wood that also stands out because of its grain design beauty, something that will give an elegant and unique touch to each instrument.

With a very good quality-price ratio, the Santos Rosewood headplates for acoustic guitar is a great option for your new instrument.

BOTANICAL NAME: Machaerium scleroxylon.

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Pau Ferro, Morado, Santos Rosewood and Bolivian Rosewood.

ORIGIN: Brazil.

DESCRIPTION: This wood has different tonalities and it has a density of 940 kg/m3. Its sapwood color is light yellow and the heartwood color varies from reddish orange to violet brown. The dark grains make a contrast. The grain normally is straight, although sometimes it can be irregular or interlaced. The texture is fine and has a high natural shine.

SUGGESTIONS: It has an average difficulty in machining, tends to blunt tools. Good natural finish. High toxicity caused by wood dust.

DRYING: It dries slowly. It hardly presents deformations risks, but it does appear that cracks appear or that existing ones enlarge.

USES: It is used in fingerboards, soundboards, bridges, headplates, tops, bodies and wind instruments.

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