Malaysian Blackwood

Like it happens with the other Ebony varieties, the Green Ebony or Malaysian Blackwood is a very dense and hard wood, and therefore, it has an optimal resistance to make acoustic guitar headplates. In addition, it is an exotic and special wood with greenish tones that make luthiers and guitarists fall in love with it.

Choose the sound and aesthetic properties of this wonder of nature available in Maderas Barber and distinguish your instrument with these Green Ebony headplates for acoustic guitar.

Additional Malaysian Blackwood information

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros Durionoides

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Green Ebony, Malaysian Blackwood

ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION: Its density is 1000-1300 kg/m3. The sapwood is white and the heartwood is black / dark brown with different shades grains even when they are mainly olive green.

SUGGESTIONS: It is a wood that can produce dermatitis, it is recommended to store at an adequate temperature to prevent breakage.

DRYING: Tjis wood has an unusual quality: if it breaks before it dries, it is possible that the crack closes again, leaving no trace of any defect.

USES: It is used mainly to make backs and sides, but due to its properties, it is also used to make fingerboards, bridges and headplates.

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