Palo Santo Madagascar (CITES)

Madagascar Rosewood is the most similar wood to Brazilian Rosewood, both highly protected and controlled to avoid overexploitation. The headplates are glued in the neck end part, so it is important that the wood has good gluing properties. The Madagascar Rosewood is a wood that has these features, and it also offers great visual beauty with bright colors.

In Maderas Barber we have Madagascar Rosewood headplates to make high quality acoustic guitar: discover its wonderful sound and physical qualities.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia baronii.

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Madagascar Rosewood, Palisander.

ORIGIN: Madagascar.

DESCRIPTION: It is a brown wood with dark grains whose density is 920 kg/m3. The sapwood color is light yellow and it varies from yellowish brown to dark orange or reddish brown in the heartwood. Dark grains are common, and sometimes they form a figure known as "spider-webbing" or spider web. The grain is normally straight, with a fine-medium texture.

SUGGESTIONS: Working with this wood is usually easy, although care must be taken with the gluing and finishing, due to its oily nature.

DRYING: It dries slow and the oil contained in this wood can interrupt the process.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards and soundboards.

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