The Bocote is an increasingly demanded wood in the luthier world, for its unique beauty and its great sonority. In addition, it is a wood in which it can be constantly found drawings in different forms like eyes or small circles, which could bring great appeal to the instrument.

The Bocote offers good sustain, which provides a powerful and warm tone. But most of all, this wood is highly appreciated to make acoustic guitar headplates because of its great stability. Get impressed for the beautiful Bocote shape to make headplates for acoustic guitar from Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cordia eleagnoides.

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Bocote, Bucote, Cordia, Barcino, Cueramo.

ORIGIN: Mexico.

DESCRIPTION: It is an orange reddish brown wood whose density is 950-1200 kg/m3. It is a wood that has an intermediate hardness and a uniform texture. It presents uniform lines, broken by small knots that look like eyes. The color is yellowish brown with dramatic dark brown to almost black grains, although it tends to get darker over the time. The grain pattern can be very impressive, which makes it a very precious wood because of its contrasts. It is heavy and resistant.

SUGGESTIONS: It is easy to work and it responds well to gluing, it can be polished well so it achieves good finishes. It is highly resistant to insects.

DRYING: The drying process is slow and delicate, especially in the branches or flatcut.

USES: It is used to make various instruments fingerboards, soundboards and the acoustic and classic guitars’ bridges and headplates.

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