The Sycamore is considered a wood with an excellent relation between density and rigidity. It has a brilliant sound, and its performance can only be surpassed by the Fir, although it has a greater rigidity than this one.

In addition, its sustainability and access ease are other reasons why the Sycamore is an admired wood by luthiers, manufacturers and guitarists. Choosing Sycamore headplates is a safe bet for your acoustic guitar. Its beauty and its timbre will not disappoint you.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

COMMERCIAL NAMES:Sycamore Maple and European Sycamore

ORIGIN: Central Europe and Western Asia.

DESCRIPTION: Its density is 640 Kg/m3. The wood color is white or light yellow. The sapwood does not differ from the heartwood. The fiber can be straight or uneven. The grain is fine.

SUGGESTIONS: The machining can present some problems due to the interlaced fiber, and it is advisable to reduce the blades angle to 15º. It is recommended to dry it in a low temperature chambers.

DRYING: It air dries well, but it can produce color alterations and stains. It is important to dry it quickly to let the wood keeps its white hue.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards, soundboards and guitar profiles.

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