Macassar Ebony

The Macassar Ebony is a beautiful wood, with similar properties to The African Ebony. Its straight grains that combine brown and black are the reasons for which many luthiers have chosen this wood to give an exotic touch to their guitar headplate.

Due to its density, the Macassar Ebony is a wood with very little wear and tear, making it the perfect choice to make acoustic guitar headplates. At Maderas Barber we bet on the Macassar Ebony quality and beauty: discover its properties with our acoustic guitar headplates.

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros Celebica

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Ebony of Asia, Ebony of Ceylon.


DESCRIPTION: Its density is 1000-1300 kg/m3. The grain is fine and it can be straight or intertwined. The sapwood color varies from white to pale gray, the heartwood is black and depending on the species, it can present clear grains or a mark between the white and black wood areas, or a uniform black color.

SUGGESTIONS: It is recommended to control the humidity of the place where it is stored to avoid defects in the wood. It is also suggested to work the wood with highly sharped tools.

DRYING: The drying speed is slow and it presents high deformations or breaks risks that occur during and after drying.

USES: Like the Amara Ebony, it is mainly used to make harmonic boxes, but it can also be used to make fingerboards.

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