Kingwood is a very used wood to make acoustic guitar headplates. This wood behaves very well in this part of the instrument because it has a high hardness degree and, therefore, it has a good resistance to wear. The Kingwood complements these two properties very well to make headplates.

In addition, its exotic aesthetics gives a special touch to the instrument providing it a special purple color. In Maderas Barber we have Kingwood headplates to make high quality acoustic guitar: discover this wonderful exotic wood.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia cearensis


ORIGIN: Brazil

DESCRIPTION: Brown wood with violet grains with a density of 1020 kg/m3. Its sapwood color is light yellow and the heartwood color varies from dark violet to reddish brown. The grain normally is straight, although occasionally is intertwined. The texture is fine and uniform, with a great natural shine.

SUGGESTIONS: Working with this wood is usually difficult due to its high density, as well as gluing. The finish is very good. The finish is very good and responds well to calibrating.

DRYING: It dries slowly and because of the quantity of oil contained in this wood, this process can be interrupted.

USES: It is used to make fingerboards, soundboards and guitar bridges.

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