It is the electronics in the guitar that allows the sound to be amplified because electric guitars are made with a solid body and don’t have a hole to hold air that when stimulated creates an audible sound. There are several components that allow us to achieve sound in electric guitars and basses. Maderas Barber offers you everything you may need in electronic accessories to build your electric guitar or bass.



  • Wires

    The wiring, like the different components of the guitar, has a lesser or greater influence on the sound of the instrument. A quality wiring avoids mass noises, and contributes to a better balance. In Maderas Barber you will find a wide range of wiring for your electric guitar.

  • Shielding Tapes

    Copper adhesive tape to shield the guitar cavities. The shielding tape acts as an insulator from all the electromagnetic fields around us, power supplies, televisions, radios, mobile phones that cause noise, interference and negatively affect the sound of our guitar.

  • Capacitors

    The most common function of the capacitors in electric guitars and basses is to shape, together with the potentiometers, the general tone adjustment of the instrument. They are placed between the central pin of the tone potentiometer and the earth wire, so they filter the high frequencies (high tones) of the signal, which are derived to earth and eliminated from it.

    The most important characteristics of a capacitor are Capacity, Tolerance, Voltage.

  • Jack Connectors

    The range of Jack connectors for electric guitar and bass that you will find at Maderas Barber have been specially designed for these instruments. The Jack connectors offer a solid connection and stability to avoid any loss or interference in the sound

  • Switches

    The switch is the electronic component that allows in the electric guitar to select the pickups that send the signal to the amplifier. In essence, a switch is a switch with several positions.

    The switches we offer in MB are of great quality due to their durability and reliability, in addition to be noiseless.

  • Pickups

    The electric guitar pickups are an essential accessory that have the purpose of collecting the sound emitted by the strings, in order to be able to transport it directly to the amplifier. A pickup is a composition of reels of very fine wire that is made of copper and that helps to surround some bars that are called magnetic poles. Maderas Barber offers you a wide range of the best quality Singel Coil and Humbucker pickups.

  • Potenciometers

    The first option we think of when we want to improve the tone of the guitar is to change the pickups, but there are many factors that may be affecting our sound. Potentiometers have a fundamental role in the final tone of the guitar and its effect on the signal modulated by the pickups, that's why it’s important to check that they work perfectly and have all the welds well done. If the potentiometers of your guitar are worn out and cause noise, in Maderas Barber we have linear, audio, push pull potentiometers that will ensure an improvement in the tone of your guitar.

  • Bridges for Electric guitar and bass

    The electric guitar and bass bridge is the element where the strings are anchored and connected to the body of the guitar at both ends. The strings are supported or anchored to the bridge by means of the saddles, which allow us to regulate the height and quintessence (total length in millimetres) of each string. The bridge is of vital importance since the total pressure of the stretched strings is concentrated on it and directly affects the sound.

    The bridge is also a very important piece in our electric guitar to achieve quality and a good sustain in our instrument.