European Spruce Tops

Cello Dimension Tops (845x245x40/10mm)x2


Typical wood used for cello tops is Spruce. Our cello tops are of European spruce, it is a low density wood with great acoustic properties.
During the years it’s been the most used wood for the building of the violin family instruments. It is very delicate as it can be stained easily . Room temperature and humidity must be keep in mind when you store it.

The quality and age of the wood in the top and the back have a large impact on its sound. Cellos are very subject to their environment. Around the edge of the top and back you can see a decorative border inlay known as “purfling”. This inlay has a decorative appeal but also can prevent cracking of the wood. Without purfling , cracks can spread up or down the top or back.

The European spruce tops for cello are great demanded by our customers and for its acoustic is very much appreciated by luthiers around the world.


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