Quilted Maple Sides

Cello dimension 850x145x45/25 mm


The Woods used for the cello building are similar to the violin, the top is made with spruce, and flame maple is used for the neck, the backs and the sides.

The sides are carefully crafted to hold the cello's top and back apart, creating the space for the sound to develop. Sides are wood pieces that run around the entire outer edge of the cello body, between the top and back. The sides hold the backs and the top, creating the resonant cavity that produces the cello's sound.

Sides are normally made with flamed maple. Maple is a low-density wood and easy to work with. Sides are easy to shape. Its sound is very much appreciated by the luthiers. In Maderas Barber we offer you different qualities of sides from this precious wood to build your high quality cello.

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