FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC is a global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially.

In Maderas Barber, we are committed to the environment, so we have in our catalogue a wide range of products with certification FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

FSC® certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. With this certification, we demonstrate that we are managing our forests responsibly. To accomplish their mission, there are three different FSC labels. From those three, in Maderas Barber we have the first one, FSC 100%. Products with an FSC 100% label originate entirely from forests certified as meeting the environmental and social standards of FSC. In Maderas Barber we are committed with the responsible development of wood resources and all our FSC® products are clearly identify as such. For more information check the official website: https://ic.fsc.org/en

FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council) 


  • Acoustic/Archtop Guitar
  • Classic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar and Bass
  • Wind Instruments
  • Other String Instruments
  • Leftovers, Boards and Logs

    In Maderas Barber we know there are instrument makers that need larger sizes to make bigger instruments and not all our customers are from the musical industry. We don’t forget the people who wants to woodwork raw wood since the beginning, to feel finished parts are all theirs.

  • Walking Sticks

    Dimension Sticks 900x25x25mm


    In Maderas Barber we take the opportunity we have with our unique exotic woods to offer our customers a big range of woods cut at 900 mm long for the making of walking sticks.

    Many of our customers they finish the stick handles with wood carved pieces or other materials. We can also offer you for these grips different wood sizes .

    Walking sticks makers from all over the world have used our timbers to produce walking sticks of great beauty for the stiffness and the easiness of working with our woods by hand or with machine tools.