• Sharpening, sandpapers, abrasives and...
  • Pliers, Hammers and Tongs

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  • Scrapers

    The set of 7 files consists of 7 pieces of various sizes of 0,4 mm thick each one. The different geometric shapes help to polish difficult guitar access parts. Files are made of high steel quality which means less effort and an increase in speed when planning or levelling any guitar part.

  • Blades
  • Reamers
  • Clamps, Jaws and Fastening Elements

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  • Gouges, Chisels, Files and Mallets
  • Japanese Tools


    Since some years ago the Western luthiers have begun using these very accurate tools to build Guitars and other musical instruments and in Maderas Barber we have selected a huge variety with the best of the market: more than 100 to choose from.

    Japanese craftsmen seek to give a second life to the tree through the use of its timber, for this purpose they use Japanese tools; one of the characteristics of these tools is the level of customization facing the work to be performed, in addition the use of high quality metals for manufacturing these traditional tools. They are functional, incredibly sharpened, comfortable and make it easy to work with them.

    In the case of construction and repair of musical instruments, which need to be executed with great precision and cleaning, it is here when Japanese tools become indispensable: they are pure perfection and refinement.

  • Wrenches, Levels and Mirrors

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  • Hygrometers, Calipers and Rulers