The violin top is usually made of European spruce, it is the most important part of a violin since through it we will transmit the sound. The strings make the top vibrate and it is these vibrations, more than anything else, that determine the sound of the instrument.

It is very important the thickness of the top, usually the thicker tops don’t provide a thin and bright sound, the luthiers are very methodical and measure up to a tenth of a millimeter to give the violin exactly the sound they are looking for. One of the important parts of the violin is the truss rod, it is a little stick located inside the soundboard, under the bridge. Besides reinforcing the structure, it is vital in the production of the sound.

The violins tops have two F-shaped holes so that the sound comes out; depending on the luthier, these openings are bigger or smaller, as well as the violin itself since there are so many manufacturers that there are no exact measurements regarding their manufacture.

In Maderas Barber we have European spruce tops for violin of a great quality, these have been cut and selected by our professionals in order to offer our customers the best possible product.   

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