Violin Necks

The neck is the part that connects the violin with the peg system, attached to the fingerboard this surface is used to play the different notes of the violin. The fingers of the violinist’s left-hand rest on it. On the upper part of the violin there is the volute, usually made by luthiers in the form of a spiral, the four pegs are also inserted in this part of the instrument.

The violin necks we offer are made of maple wood of different qualities. Maple is also the most used wood in the instrument’s soundboard due to its sound and visual qualities. Since almost its invention, maple has been the preferred wood for luthiers, its flamed grain and its ease to work it by hand have been the most chosen option by luthiers.

The necks also require a great resistance due to the tension produced by the strings, and that resistance is offered by the maple wood since it has a density of 650 kg/ m3 and without being a very dense wood it is perfect to combine resistance and facility to work it. Choose between our special, first or second qualities according to your needs.

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