Finished Bodies

One of the fundamental parts of an electric guitar or electric bass is its body; its weight, its stiffness, its acoustic properties or its tone and its beauty; these are the main characteristics that we must to take into account when selecting the wood to manufacture the instrument. For many years, “classical” woods were used for the construction of the instrument, such as maple, alder, mahogany or ash; but actually, the big manufacturers of guitars or electric bass use new exotic woods that get a good tonal response and open a range of possibilities of natural colors very striking for guitarists. Many of these woods such as wenge, purple heart or Honduras cedar can be found in our online store.

The finished bodies that we have in Maderas Barber are built based on Telecaster and Stratocaster models with the necessary recesses for the installation of the tools and the neck. For this process it would take many hours of work and different types of machinery and tools, we use high-tech numerical control machines to obtain these bodies with precision and high quality.

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